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Dive Deeply

Whether you’re here for Webtoons or Witcher, there’s just so much to enjoy in this podcast. Mindy is both insightful and passionate, and also very prolific. You never have to wait long for a new episode. Plus, her guests and cohosts are great too. She’s clearly fostered a pretty amazing community of listeners and fans, and that’s no small feat! Well worth a listen if you’re looking to enrich your understanding of some great ongoing stories.


So proud of Mindy and honored to be a patron for all her hard work on these engaging podcast series! Love her involvement of fans :)

Love these girls!

Everyone works so hard to bring us this wonderful podcast and I truly appreciate them!

About ep 4

If poppy was in that situation again I fell like she would kick the guy in the balls and go “ try that again I’ll get my mafia boyfriend to kill you” lol she wouldn’t say that but tora might 😏


So nice to listen to and it gets me through the work day or when I’m doing chores! Much love to the creators for realizing that MPL fans would love to have their own podcast <3


I just discovered Midnight Poppyland this week, and I’m already obsessed. I love hear this podcast.

It’s an art

I am so glad I’m not the only one who believes in paying for artists work and gushing over the artist artwork. With this pandemic this webcomic has awoken my teenage years of reading mangas from my high school library, and loving the story lines and plot twist pulling you in. This podcast is fun and gives you perspectives you may have not thought about. The artist who brought you to this podcast has impacted you in some way shape or form and that is an art in itself. Can’t wait to soak up the rest of the episodes on here and then wait for more like I do each week with the WEBTOON.