May 18, 2021

Purple Hyacinth 94: Factory Facade (with Fwoot and Meg)

Purple Hyacinth 94: Factory Facade (with Fwoot and Meg)

We open with a grim and windy sky, and Hermann checking in on the radio operation. We learn that a storm is impending - we're sure to hear more on that in the future!

We then see our favorite resident duo on a roof overlooking the glass factory, back in their Lune outfits. Whilst having no plan, they confidently do some long jumps (correction: turns out that Olympic jumps are over 8 METERS, not 8 feet :D) and break into the factory, despite Kieran still suffering from his injuries.

They observe that the guards are all armed, and sneak their way down to the basement, where they are confronted by a wide variety of mirrors, which are randomly (or not???) scattered about.

They enter a storeroom, where they discover that the boxes containing mirrors are a front for weapons smuggling. Kieran has a tragic reaction to his reflection, and we get more insight into how he sees himself. Fwoot may have raised an even angstier thought at this point.

Lauren wants to leave, but Kieran wants to explore further. Is he acting strange because he isn't feeling well? Or is it something more nefarious? Join us in our anguished cries as we speculate all the ways in which Kieran could betray/sorta betray Lauren.

We learn that the explosion date has been moved up, speculate on whether that means the ball or not, and then end with all sorts of tragic and dramatic speculations for the next arc now that Lauren has made her final statement: that they go to the police. 


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