July 5, 2022

Purple Hyacinth 125 Analysis: Double Date (with Joy, Ocean and Veronica)

Purple Hyacinth 125 Analysis: Double Date (with Joy, Ocean and Veronica)

Lauren and Kieran walk home from the circus. Lauren frets about their one lead, Redcliff, and contemplates on how Kieran has become a part of her life. We love how much she has developed emotionally over the story. She wonders why she felt so awful when she woke up, and sees the ghosts of her and Dylan's child selves running around.  

Dylan's ghosts confronts her with a very important question: why doesn't she ask Kieran about him? We discuss how Lauren has kept the ATST and Dylan from Kieran and how this will likely be a massive plot point.  

In the hospital, Lukas finally awakens from his coma, and Lila flings herself at him in joy. He not only thanks her but also hugs her, which shows he truly got knocked in the head.   At the APD, Lauren and Kieran banter, and Kieran flat out refuses to allow Lauren to explore the underworld. He shows her a map of the underworld's locations, including a massive headquarter.   

Kieran teases her about last night, flirting heavily, but then turns serious and asks her about last night. Lauren might have asked him about Dylan then, but they are interrupted by Kym, who accuses Lauren of shirking her theater duties to make out with Kieran. Which Kieran once again uses as an opportunity to flirt.  

At the theater, Lauren and Kym talk about the play, The Ghost of the Cathedral, which we speculate is important, and are shocked to see Will come in with his date... Neyra. We speculate some more.


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