March 31, 2022

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Behind the Scenes Witcher Content

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Behind the Scenes Witcher Content

Since I'm somewhat obsessed with The Witcher, I've been following people involved in the production to snatch some behind the scenes content. I've been enjoying the little snippets they post, whether it's actors sharing their fun times, prosthetic artists showing how they made monsters, or directors showing us just how much was green screen.


Some of these people post regularly. Some post rarely. Some post behind the scenes content in their stories, so check those out!


This is the list of everyone from Season 2 and 3 that I've managed to find. I'm sure some of Season 2 people will move to the Season 3 list, and more people will be added.

If you know of more that I've missed, let me know.


Meanwhile, enjoy... stalking? They just started filming Season 3 and Steve Gaub has been posting a lot of beautiful views lately, so I'd start there! Henry has also been posting the gorgeous views with Roach.


Season 3


Official accounts

Witcher Netflix

Polish Witcher Netflix


Lauren Hissrich, Showrunner

Tomasz Baginski, Executive Producer

Steve Gaub, Executive Producer

Sophie Holland Casting

Stephen Surjik, Director

Loni Peristere, Director


Henry Cavill, Geralt

Freya Allen, Ciri

Anya Chalotra, Yennefer

Joey Batey, Jaskier

Ana Shaffer, Triss

Paul Bullion, Lambert

Yasen Atour, Coen Witcher

Eamon Farron, Cahir

Royce Pierreson, Istredd

Jeremy Crawford, Yarpen Zigrin

MyAnna Buring, Tissaia

Mecia Simpson, Franseca

Tom Canton, Filivandrel

Mahesh Jadu, Vilgefortz

Chris Fulton, Rience

Therica Wilson-Read, Sabrina

Kaine Zajaz, Gage

Bart Edwards, Emhyr


Cinesite, SFX

Susie Allnutt, Photographer


Season 2


Louise Hooper, Director

Sarah O’Gorman, Director

Maureen Lavoyer, Stunts


Matthew D’Ambrosio, Writer


SteadiCam UK, videography

Jay Maidment, Photographer


Kristofer Hivju, Nivellen

Agnes Born, Vereena

Ania Marson, Voleth Meir

Basil Eidenbenz, Eskel

Kevin Doyle, Elf

Jota Castellano, Witcher

Nathaniel Jacobs, Witcher

Max Kraus, Witcher

Chuey Okoye, Witcher

Jamal Ajala, Damian

Makeup etc

Sophie Roberts, Makeup Artist

Nat Wickens, Makeup Artist

Patt Foad, Prosthetics

Barrie Gower, Prosthetics

SteveDentStunts, Wild Hunt

Victoria MacQueen, Contacts