Welcome to The StoryTinker, a Webtoons and Witcher podcast with scene by scene, episode by episode psychological analysis.

It all began, as many podcasts do, with lazy times at the beginning of the pandemic 2020. Mindy was scrolling through Facebook when she came across an ad featuring a drawing of a young and beautiful couple gazing tenderly at each other. "I don't read comics," she scoffed. "I only read classic literature." 

Well, Webtoons was persistent, and after scrolling past the ad several times, Mindy finally gave in and clicked on it... and spent the next few days dropping all responsibilities to catch up with the entire story. She was quickly hooked to Midnight Poppy Land and Webtoons, and began reading Webtoons daily and posting long comments in Facebook groups.

She was so desperate to analyze every eyebrow raise in the story that she decided she had to start a podcast so she could discuss each panel in great detail. And that's how The StoryTinker began!

Well, it was originally called Tiger Pops, but soon enough Mindy felt that chest-expanding feeling in her heart for a few other stories, and added the Webtoon stories Purple Hyacinth and Let's Play to her roster.

It was Let's Play that led to another story, waaaaay out of left field for Mindy. Let's Play was optioned for a live-action TV show by a production company, and because Mindy really wanted to be involved, she was stalking-cough-researching the production company. Turns out this company produced The Witcher, and Mindy ended up listening to interviews with the Witcher showrunner, Lauren Hissrich.

The interviews got her interested in watching the show, but there's the thing: Mindy hates violence, and exclusively watches rom-coms. Her husband said she wouldn't last ten minutes. Guess what? She loved the show so much she added it to her podcast repertoire as well! (She still covered her eyes for the gory parts.)

The StoryTinker is joined every week by a variety of great cohosts, who add their own perspective on the story.

For more about Mindy and her other work, visit her personal website.